Dont Breathe 2 (2021) English x264 HDCAM 480p [275MB] | 720p [845MB] mkv

Don't Breathe 2

IMDB Rating:6.3/10
Duration:1h 38min
Genre:Thriller, Horror
Release Date:13/08/2021 (US)
Director:Rodo Sayagues
Film Stars:Stephen Lang, Brendan Sexton III, Madelyn Grace
Quality/Size:HDCAM 480p [275MB] | 720p [845MB]
Format: MKV
Movie Plot:Eight years after the events of the first film, former Navy Seal Norman Nordstrom lives in relative solitude with his 11-year-old daughter Phoenix and his Rottweiler, Shadow, in the suburbs of Detroit. Norman tells Phoenix that they used to have another house, which burned down in a fire, and that her birth mother died in that fire.

Norman gets a supply drop from his friend, former Army Ranger Hernandez. Hernandez, Norman’s only connection with society, convinces a reluctant Norman to let Phoenix accompany her on errands in town, so that she can have some time out of the house. While running errands together, Hernandez stops at a gas station to refuel. Phoenix goes to use the bathroom and a man named Raylan tries to talk to her before she leaves with Hernandez. Raylan and his men secretly follow Hernandez back to Norman’s. They wait for Hernandez to drop Phoenix off before ambushing and killing Hernandez.

The men kill Shadow and Norman goes outside to look for him. Raylan’s men enter the house to kidnap Phoenix. Norman finds Shadow’s body and realizes that the dog had been shot before running back to the house to protect Phoenix. A struggle ensues between Norman and the gang members, in which he kills several of the men.

It is revealed that eight years prior, Phoenix’s house burned down because a meth lab in the basement exploded. Raylan, a notorious drug dealer, was taken into custody after the explosion and sentenced to eight years for various crimes. Norman found Phoenix unconscious while examining the burned house with Shadow, and took her home to fulfill his desire of having a daughter again. After release, Raylan realized his daughter was still alive when he saw her leave flowers for her mother’s memorial at the burned house.

Phoenix tries to run away, but is knocked unconscious by Raul, one of Raylan’s cohorts. Raylan releases his own dog to kill Norman, who is reluctant to kill the animal and traps it in the attic instead. Raylan firebombs the house and leaves with his men and Phoenix. Norman escapes from the burning house along with Raylan’s dog, who has bonded with him. He finds Hernandez’s van, arms himself with the weapons inside, and leashes the dog so that it can lead him to the gang’s location.

At the gang’s hotel hideout, Raylan tells Phoenix that he is her real father, confirming it by showing they both have a streak of white hair on the right side of their head. Raylan reveals that Phoenix’s real name is Tara and introduces her to her mother, who is alive but terminally ill. Her mother explains that eight years earlier, she accidentally triggered an explosion while cooking meth. The accident exposed her to lethal chemicals, poisoning her internal organs. Raylan abducted her not out of love but because they need new heart for her mother. They drug Phoenix and take her to a makeshift operating room, where a back-alley surgeon explains that due to the lack of proper equipment, he’ll have to remove her heart while she is fully conscious.

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